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The capitol of the United States of America is the world's most recognizable icon of freedom. The first planned city in America, Washington D.C. has become the country's grandest repository of national institutions, historical relics, museums, monuments and memorials...Here too, are museums of the Smithsonian Institution, The National Archives and The Library of Congress. The National Zoo provides a change of pace while visiting the many historic treasures.

The National Cathedral's impressive architecture and remarkable collection of iconography in sculpture and stained glass windows depicting religious scenes plus voyages into space and WWII battles. DC's racial and ethnic diversity is shown in neighborhoods like Adams Morgan, Georgetown's Herring Hill and Frederick Douglass' Anacostia. Historic Georgetown canal by mule drawn barge is a peaceful way to learn about the city's past and the commerce that played a large part in its development. On the Potomac River nearby, the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

The International Spy Museum has the world's largest collection of espionage artifacts including disguises, secret cameras, weapons, surveillance and threat analysis exhibits. Eastern Market, DC Farmers Market and DC Fish Market all add a colorful element to our nations capitol with the sights and smells of fresh produce, meats, fish and cheeses, artwork and collectables. The nation's capitol is a rich, culturally diverse, exciting and historic treasure where America embraces all the virtue, principal and qualities into which this great nation has evolved.

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DVDDADC REVIEW: Discoveries America: Washington DC
"Millions come each year to Washington DC to partake of the wonders on the Mall: the Capitol building, the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, FDR's park, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (aka, the Wall), and the brand-new WWII Memorial, among others. All are featured in this latest entry from Jim and Kelly Watt's acclaimed high-definition-shot travel series Discoveries America, as well as the national Archives, the Holocaust museum, and Museum of the American Indian.

But it's not all government grandeur: a few blocks beyond the marbled elegance of the Mall, visitors may encounter a Dragon boat Race on the Potomac or small the international flavors of the Easter Market. In addition, armchair travelers will learn why homes in Georgetown look as if they were designed for munchkins, see mule-drawn barges hauling tourists down historic canals, step inside the magnificent National Cathedral (faithfully constructed to exact specifications used by Renaissance sculptors), and visit the International Spy Museum, a unique attraction housing the world's largest collection of espionage artifacts, including disguises, secret cameras, weapons, surveillance, and threat analysis exhibits. Highly Recommended."

DVDDADC REVIEW: Discoveries...America, Washington DC
"It would be an impossible, dizzying task to visit every monument and museum in Washington D.C. in one hour, but this DVD does a respectable job of illuminating much of what makes our Capital great. The stops at each attraction are brief, but the tour manages to include several of the Smithsonian museums, the Library of Congress, the National Zoo, the National Archives, and an extended tour of the National Cathedral. The cameras take us inside many of the buildings.

Viewers also visit the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and war memorials and monuments that are clustered around the National Mall. On a lighter side, the impressive collection of disguises, secret cameras, and surveillance equipment in the International Spy Museum is featured. The DVD also presents background and context to help viewers understand the place of each monument in the historical fabric of our country. It then moves to the ethnic neighborhoods of Adams Morgan, Georgetown's Herring Hill, and Frederick Douglas' Anacostia.

Viewers step back in time as they tour Georgetown on historic mule-drawn canal boats, and thrill to the annual Dragon Boat Festival on the Potomac. The Eastern Market, Farmers Market, and Fish Market are colorful elements of our nation's capitol, and neighborhoods that the average tourist may miss. This DVD is an excellent introduction to this culturally diverse, vibrant city for those who plan to visit and a wonderful refresher for those who have already spent time there. "