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Take to the streets of New Orleans by horse drawn carriage and visit the French Quarter, Jackson Square, New Orleans. School of Cooking, Bourbon Street and the Garden District. Experience bird and reptile watching on the Creole Nature Trail and Honey Island Swamp. Meet the folks who run a old fashioned general mercantile in Natchitoches. Enjoy a taste of Tabasco and ride along with a local farmer during the crawfish harvest. Experience a unique Mardi Gras in Acadiana and enjoy some of the best Cajun music in the world.

(Discoveries America Gulf Coast States 6 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Condensed version also available with 6 DVD's in a single case.)

(Discoveries America Lower Mid-West States 5 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Condensed version also available with 5 DVD's in a single case.)

Customer Comments and Reviews

"I watched this DVD last night and enjoyed it very much. There were some things showcased that I have never seen in Louisiana. I get around to a lot of small towns but I still saw some new things in the video. Great color and the photography was excellent. Great job!"

DVDDALA REVIEW: Discoveries America: Louisiana
""Welcome to Louisiana...Set Your Clocks Back a Hundred Years': in parts of this beautiful state, it's still easy to imagine the year is 1905 instead of 2005. One of two new entries in Jim and Kelly Watt's acclaimed, high-definition filmed Discoveries America series, Louisiana highlights places and events primarily in the southern part of the state, where in the midst of the hustle of modern New Orleans, for example, horse-drawn carriages are still a favored mode of transportation, and citizens of places like Natchitoches and Eunice seem to embrace a slower, quieter way of life.

Viewers will learn the differences between Acadian, Creole, and Cajun heritages, tour a Tabasco bottling plant, stroll through a nature preserve where alligators lounge along the path, and see how crawfish are harvested. Other highlights include a visit to New Orleans' famous (and during Mardi Gras infamous) French Quarter, a stop at the Kaffie Frederick General Mercantile Store in Natchitoches, and a stroll along the Creole Nature Trail."

LA VIEWER COMMENTS: Robert Florence - Historic New Orleans Tours
"I am writing to thank you for the DVD (Discoveries...America, Louisiana) and to tell you that you did a great job with Louisiana. Jim and Kelly Watt did superb work and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will spread the word..."