Discoveries America

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The first state in the union is also one of the smallest, and who's number one industry is agriculture! Dover is an historic city where the first state ratified the Constitution. The "Celebration of Freedom Air Show" is held at Dover Air Force Base and includes precision aerobatic flying in addition to the Air Force Thunderbirds. Delaware is a beautiful state without any national parks. Delaware beaches attract thousands of visitors each year. Fenwick Island is where local kite boarders and kite surfers come to catch big air and talk about their sport. Peggy Raley had to get the state laws changed in order to create Delaware's first and only winery, Nassau Valley Vineyards. Now, they are producing award-winning wines. Horseshoe Crabs, one of the most important marine invertebrates, are used for a variety of purposes including medical research. Go on a nighttime crab survey with scientists as they study horseshoe crab populations.

Each year, millions of birds from South America fly to the arctic, stopping in Delaware to feed on the horseshoe crab eggs. The Migratory Bird Festival at Bombay Hook is timed to coincide with the arrival of the horseshoe crabs. Fort Delaware, once a Civil War prisoner of war camp, is now a  living history museum with characters portraying life in the year 1864. Wilmington, and nearby, the DuPont estate, Winterthur. Elegant rooms full of antiques, civil war relics and period furnishings used by the DuPont's when in residence, are on display. Discover Seas Shipwreck Museum showcases an amazing collection of relics recovered by treasure hunter Dale Clifton, from shipwrecks off the coast of Delaware and around the world. Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson is truly a ride with hundreds of bikes in stock.

(Discoveries America Middle Atlantic 6 DVD collection includes 5% discount: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and District of Columbia Condensed version also available with 6 DVD's in a single case.)