Idaho's Teton River Trout

Fly Fishing Adventure

$ 9.95

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Jim and Kelly Watt team up with Hyde Outfitters for an unforgettable float down Idaho's Teton River in Southeastern Idaho. They are joined by an experienced trio of guides including Drake Munson, Eldon Barrett and Steve Hyde. The adventure starts with sliding, dropping, pushing, lowering and roping Catarafts down a 1500 foot mountainside to get access to the upper section of the Teton.

Over a 500 foot vertical drop from car to river that is well worth the effort in pursuit of exciting fishing, with an added bonus of whitewater with so daunting an array of logs and rocks that portage (emptying the rafts and roping them through) proved necessary at one point! Learn about the history of the Teton River before and after the dam break in 1975 and Dennis Breer shows you how to tie a "Chernobyl Ant" from his Hooked On Fly Tying video, Green River Terrestrials.