Arizona's Lee's Ferry Trout

Fly Fishing Adventure

$ 9.95

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Location: The Colorado river is below Glen Canyon Dam encompassing the Marble Canyon. Absolutely breath-taking in it's beauty and pristine crystal clear cold water with a remarkable population of healthy rainbow trout.

Lees Ferry is managed as a trophy trout fishery and the river yields rainbow trout from 16 to 22 inches. It also has larger, strong, and beautiful fish. Some people describe the Colorado River at Lees Ferry as "the world's largest spring creek." In reality, it's a massive, clear running tailwater fishery running 15.5 miles from the outflow of Lake Powell at Glen Canyon Dam to the upper end of the Grand Canyon.

Guides: Expert guides Terry Gunn and Jeff English from Lees Ferry Anglers.

Fly Tying: Jim Watt ties a Zebra Midge, a particularly effective fly on the Colorado River. This DVD is a great way to enjoy and learn about one of America's great fisheries, that fishes just the same if not better today, than it did decades ago.