Matchstick Marvels (Iowa)

Discoveries America Special Edition

$ 7.95

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Nestled among the corn and soybean fields in the farming community of Gladbrook, Iowa, you'll find world class match-stick wooden art! Master craftsman Patrick Acton, turns ordinary wooden matchsticks into incredible works of art. The Matchstick Marvels museum is wood art at it's best, showing creativity and detail work unmatched by other skilled woodworkers.

Millions of matchsticks have been painstakingly glued together to represent models of planes, trains, ships, or anything else that strikes his imagination. Patrick Acton has created an extraordinary collection of one man's creative genius. See what can be made with gallons of glue and over 2 million wooden matchsticks! Since 1977, Acton has built large matchstick models, many of which are featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not museums around the world. See for yourself, you won't believe your eyes!

DVDDASE2 REVIEW: Matchstick Marvels
"Part of the outstanding "Discoveries America" DVD series, Matchstick Marvels is a 30 minutes, full color showcase of Patric Acton's unique and entertaining Matchstick Marvels Museum located in midwest farming community of Gladbrook, Iowa. Following master craftsman Acton through his simply incredible collection of matchstick creations, Matchstick Marvels reveals how millions of matchsticks were used to build a diverse variety of complex structures including a white-house model, trains, planes, boats, and so much more.

Flawlessly recorded in wide screen, digital high definition format with a Dolby stereo sound system, Matchstick Marvels is especially recommended for school and community library collections as a very special exploration of Acton's remarkable creations."