Mark Twain's Hannibal A Homecoming (Missouri)

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Mark Twain's own words provide actor Richard Garey with plenty of picturesque prose. Mark Twain, aka author and humorist Samuel L. Clemens, arrives by riverboat to his childhood home in Hannibal, Missouri and deems the waterfront "the most beautiful on the Mississippi". He came home to Hannibal on several occasions and describes his waterfront hometown as he goes through the streets, reminiscing. Clemens shares his historic anecdotes and unique humor while visiting some of Hannibal's most historic sites in addition to some of the community's 21st century experiences and attractions.

DVDDASE9 REVIEW: Mark Twain's Hannibal, A Homecoming
"Modern day Hannibal, MO, is presented in relationship to one of its most famous writers. Richard Garey portrays Mark Twain (aka Samuel L. Clemens), who has returned to Hannibal to reminisce about his growing up on "the most beautiful (waterfront) on the Mississippi." Steamboat dockings from the 1800's are described in detail with the Mississippi River and a steamboat in the background. During a carriage ride through town, several locations important to Twain's writings are pointed out and their history is recounted.

Some of the incidents in Twain's boyhood are told along the way, and Garey shares Twain's unique humor through his words. Along with Hannibal's current historic attractions, B&Bs, restaurants, and art galleries are mentioned. Banjo music is featured throughout the production. Twain's southern accent might be difficult to understand in a few instances. A good choice to show classes after reading either The Adventures of Tom Sawyer of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, especially since the last scene in the film is from the former novel."

DVDDASE9 REVIEW: Mark Twain's Hannibal: A Homecoming
"Mark Twain impersonator Richard Garey takes his act and monologues to the street of Hannibal, Missouri. Along the way he visits some of the historic homes and buildings, local tourist attractions and main street businesses. Notable absent is any visit to Mount Olivet cemetery or the Hannibal public library - two other sites worthy of mention. This production contains some of the same material from Garey's Mark Twain Himself". Mark Twain Forum - Books and Media The Librarian's Yellow Pages