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Discoveries America Special Edition

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Discoveries America, Special Edition focuses on an extraordinary element of American culture. Talented people, interesting places and unusual things. Producers Jim and Kelly Watt introduce you to gifted painters they encountered while filming the award winning Discoveries America DVD and Television series. Artist profiles include the following painters: Walter Piehl, known for his action packed paintings of "real" Western genres in an Abstract Expressionist style.

  • "I like paradox, contradiction, color, lines and putting on paint...but not necessarily in that order."  Walter (ND)
  • Mitchell Tolle, gifted artist, speaker, author and dedicated lay-minister in his church, uses a dazzling mix of bold colors and insight to create dynamic compositions of life around him, even including a President of the United States. (KY)
  • Alan James Robinson, a.k.a. "The Map Guy", is an outdoorsman by nature and an artist by vocation. His interest in map work developed through his experiences wit painting. With respect for the cartographer's art, Alan developed his own technique of "glazing." (CT)
  • Michael Smiroldo, an impressionist native of New Orleans who utilizes light and color to capture the jazz scene and to entertain with visual improvisation of tone and value. (LA)
  • Camille Patha, mixes her passion with a variety of mediums and techniques on large canvases - oil, encaustic, airbrush, stencil, finger-painting - to create a dazzling mix of bold colors and inventive compositions. Her hues and formal sensibilities are intuitive. (WA)
  • Scott Hagen, "Your barn is the canvas". The Ohio Bicentennial Commission contracted Scott Hagen to paint the Ohio Bicentennial logo on at least one barn in each of Ohio's 88 counties. (OH)


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