Disc. Am. National Parks, Arizona Footprints Of The Ancients Blu-ray


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The American Southwest, specifically Arizona, is world-renowned for well-preserved archeological treasures that help tell the story of early Native Americans who lived, farmed, raised their children and eventually moved on either spiritually or physically. They were rugged individuals who with the most primitive of tools and thrived in a relatively hostile environment. Dwellings of Ancient Native Americans: Many of these early structures feature rooms built into cliff walls, offering visitors a glimpse into the everyday lives of Arizona's ancient residents as well as sensational views of the surrounding area.

9 National Monuments (NM) and a National Historic Site (NHS) - Most of which illuminate the ancient peoples of Arizona. Navajo NM, Wupatke NM, Sunset Crater Volcano NM, Walnut Canyon NM, Montezuma Castle NM, Tuzigoot NM, Tonto NM, Casa Grande Ruins NM, Canyon de Chelly NM and Hubbell Trading Post NHS.